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Lyrical Meditation Cypher Podcast 


Welcome to The Lyrical Meditation Cypher Podcast (LMC), the premier personal development show committed to enriching lives through the power of Hip Hop, spoken word, and mindful discussions. Anchored in Toni’s groundbreaking work with Hip Hop and the Cypher, LMC delivers high-quality content, inspiring performances, and meaningful conversations. Created by Toni Blackman, LMC crew consists of Polaryss, Sanchel Brown, Sincerity, Takiyah Gettys, Caryss, Blacksun, and Alexandra Klausner. Our weekly episodes have firmly positioned the LMC Podcast as a trusted go-to destination for wellness aficionados worldwide. Join us as we embark on an enlightening journey together. The podcast motto: We breathe. We spit. We vibe. 


Hosts: Toni Blackman, Polaryss and Alexandra Klausner

Co-hosts: Sincerity Garcia, Sanchel Brown, Carys Hannah, Ladybug the Black Sun, and Takiyah Gettys


Creator/Executive Producer:  Toni Blackman 

Associate Producer:  Polaryss + Takiyah Gettys 

Production Assistance from Bennye Joyce & Watani of Epiphani Wellness

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LMC Podcast guests are innovators and have includes award winning authors, grammy winning musicians, composers, healers, and entrepreneurs. Each guest also participates in the Cypher! 

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A Unique 3-Day Wellness Experience

From the LMC Podcast Co-hosts!

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