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Spoken Word/Rap Coach/Artist Development

Hollywood’s Spoken Word/Rap Coach Toni has both the expertise and the talent to help actors, performance artists and rappers embody what it means to be a poet. She was the only person Kwame Alexander thought of when his award-winning book, The Crossover, was picked up by Disney. Toni worked on the pilot, in pre-production and was brought on set during the taping of the first season. She has coached hundreds of performers for on-camera, concerts/tours, and events and can prep an artist for studio recording (and even MC battles). Toni works virtually and in person, conceptualizes and directs stage performances/pieces, and can co-write. She leads small groups and freestyle (improvisational intensives). 

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The first official US Hip Hop Ambassador, Toni’s work “changed the course of US cultural diplomacy”.

Toni Blackman is one of the world’s foremost hip-hop educators. A pioneer in this lane, her influence permeates the field.

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Toni’s innovative work as founder of Freestyle Union Cypher Workshop and Rhyme like a Girl

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