Inner Course by Toni Blackman

Inner-course: A Plea for Real Love (Hardcover)
by Toni Blackman


Editorial Reviews

Review Praise for Toni Blackman

“Toni Blackman is a poet, MC, oral historian, and truth-teller. Just as Langston Hughes and the Beat writers embraced jazz as a way to frame their pursuit of higher truths, Blackman grabs the mic literally as if life depended on it, carving for herself a space where words are sacred, and where her literary objectives soar.”
— Kevin Powell, editor of Step into a World: A Global Anthology of the New Black Literature

Toni Blackman’s work resonates profoundly in so many disciplines and genres, from education to theater, from hip hop to politics, from poetry to diplomacy.”
— Danny Hoch, actor/writer/director, and author of Jails, Hospitals & Hip-Hop

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